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Tool to connect with higher dimension

Connect It acts as an antenna to connect with higher dimension and higher self. Just pick it up for about 5 minutes and your aura will be cleansed and in good condition. (Proven in the picture) Life is guided more and there is more synchronization. Recommended for those who want to raise their vibrations and those who want to connect more strongly with their higher self .

Effects of iConnect

Please apply by email.
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$ 198, plus shipping, $ 28.50 (Advanced level new eye connect)

I connect arrived safely yesterday.Thank you for sending it immediately. First, I put it on my left palm with excitement. The energy was transmitted while jinjin, and the left half of the body became jinjin. This time, I used it for the heart chakra. I felt that my heart was gradually opening. Before I knew it, my body was shy! I will. When I was playing with Eye Connect too much, my head started to hurt, so I put Eye Connect toward the heavens and it was refreshing. At night, I felt pain in my throat chakra, so I applied Eye Connect. Then I felt the pain gradually relieve. When I went to bed, I grabbed it and slept, but I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep. Sweat Today, I put it under my pillow and sleep.
-From Mr. Y *******

 I ordered 3 iConnects . A very nice thing happened. Having an eye connect makes me feel like I’m rising and joyful. Does this mean that I will return to my true self? Until I received I-Connect, I felt really happy and returned to my true self. I was really happy. I’m really glad I was alive. It feels like I’m being guided to heaven by the encounter with iConnect. I’m really surprised at how many synchronizations I have in my daily life. Thank you very much, Mr. Chiwa Higashi. My life has begun to improve again. Thank you very much. -K’s from* Two energy activations (equivalent to $ 222)
* Program of infinite affluence: Gold member, 3 months free participation (equivalent to $ 360)

New product

Heart companion pendant

We look forward to working with you

The price of the heart companion depends on the number of gems and whether it is gold or silver.

Heart companion pendant: 14 rainbow gems: $ 548 (silver) $ 568 (gold) Amethyst, yellow crystal,blue sapphire,emerald, garnet, iolite,white sapphire, ruby, orange sapphire,pink garnet,blue topaz, chrome Topaz, Peridot, Moonstone or Aquamarine* New Heart Companion: HighlightsWhite Sapphire: $ 788 (Silver) $ 808 (Gold) Diamond: $ 998 (Silver) $ 1018 (Fri) *Seven Chakra Jewels: $ 378 (silver)
$ 398 (Fri) Amethyst (Crown), Iolite (3rd Eye), Blue Sapphire (5th),Emerald (Heart) Citrine ( 3rd), Orange Sapphire (2nd), Garnet (1st) * Basic (5 jewels) : $ 288 * 2 jewels: $ 228, $ 248, $ 268 It depends on the type of jewel.

New Heart Companion (1 jewel) $ 215

plus shipping. (Approximately $ 28.50 in Japan) Titanium gold finish: $ 20 plus gold and silver chain: Price varies depending on length. You can choose the length of the chain. You can order without the chain.

Please decide which one to use and then contact us by email. Please use
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to transfer money. (4% fee plus for
PayPal )

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