Youth Coaching

Many awakened souls are now being born on Earth to support humanity's Ascension

They are called Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Psychic Children, and so on. These children, young adults, are more delicate,moresensitive to energy, and have a variety of psychic abilitiesthan the average person. Their souls can remember past lives, understand multidimensionality, telepathically communicate, and much more. There are many parts that are different from ordinary human beings.

For that reason

I sometimes have a hard time getting used to normal school life and social life.You may also be lonely because you know you are different from others and you can't join the group.

It is this coaching that supports such children and adolescents.Coaching Benefits:

Coaching can change your life in many ways. If you would like this support, please apply.

Sessions can also provide healing support remotely without having to speak directly to the person .Youth Coaching Package: 3 times: $ 600 (1 hour each time) 6 times: $ 1200 A remote energy session is also possible. The number of times can be increased as needed.

One-time session

Send $ 222 Paypal before sending information.
You can also use other remittance methods, so
please contact us by email.
(Coaching will hold a
session until it is completed properly . In
principle, we will not refund.)PayPal Email:

Your name (furigana),Please briefly describe what you would like to share, such as age, gender, and health, and what you would like to support. There are two types of sessions, one is to send the recording from a remote and energetic point of view, and the other is to talk directly with Skype. Either way, the effect is the same “Chiwasan Today is 14- year-old A who had a session during this time .

 I heard the sound source I received last night ! Really of Chiwasan and voices, he will say it to us to tell in Attakaku with nature come freely tears, the mom I was would be surprised smile incredible but, believe is such a strange feelings to become , believe of this state want to be me I thought . Toka thing of the past also be passed, after all somewhere in the mind, misty to have, But Chiwasan to the light and asked to change something , such as lighter

I feel thank you

Okkii of the heart have a love of rainbow-colored

things like a soap bubble is to surround around is protected by lovely angel of three people . When I listened to Chiwa-san's story, I felt very happy and I thought I could do it . Store to cherish, believe the angel's to get along with everyone get used to smile nice I in I thought I would Iyo . Really Thank you ! Chiwasan love . ”-From A-chan

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