One-on-one coaching! women only! (Revised June 1, 2021)

We will help you to achieve the reality you desire as your true holy self .

There is inspiration and perspective of ability , a lot of people, for the awakening of healing and consciousness, work and of leading and energy, through the class, as the past 30 years, has supported a lot of people. Also, as a spiritual coach , I am still working to

In coaching

we support you while working on energy so that you can easily realize the dreams you want to achieve and the goals you want to achieve in this life .

Follow the guidance with your higher self and angels . The intent of coaching is that you are a powerful being and you are the power to do whatever you want . We will help you awaken to that power.

If there is something that limits you or is not your true self, unleash it beyond time, space, and dimension , discover the gifts and talents that Heaven has given you, and use them to your soul. We will guide and support you to serve your purpose .

In this coaching, you decidewhat you want to do and what you want toachieve , and do itwith the support of me, yourhigherself, and the angels. You are the power.

The reason why coaching is importantis that it is sometimes not easy to raise thevibration and raiseawareness byyourself while experiencing various thingsindaily life. Therefore, regular coaching will helpyou maintain good vibrations, get the support you need,andmakethe process of awakeningyourconsciousnesseasier. * Coaching results vary from person to person. Itdepends on the level of consciousness of the person(depending on the number of times)and how aggressively the person is doing his inner work and readytomove onto the next level. I just leave itto Heaven and hishigherself tohelp.

This coaching works not only at the physical level but also beyond time, space and dimensions. Your consciousness will help you wake up .

The content of coaching is not decided because I try to leave what the person needs to heaven every time . If you're ready to change your life and decide to get coached, email us for 20 minutes free and zoom .

Coaching: One-on-one zoom session 3 months course

* Zoom session: 3 times a month (9 times in total) 1 session: 1 hour * Email coaching: Answer questions by email (2 times a week) Times), if necessary, we will also provide energetic support. Cost: 3 months, $ 10,000,3 installments (additional fee of $ 100) * Intensive coaching is also available. (Completed in a short period of time) * We will provide energetic support while you are coaching.Benefits: Higher Self Alignment Program (Regular Price, $ 1111)

This is a program that helps you connect with your holy self, your higher self !It will be a great help for you to awaken to your holy self and change your life. Detailed it is, Click here to , please look at the site.

* Akashic record: Reading session: 30 minutes (400 dollars)

* recording of self Mastery Course (777 US dollars or equivalent) (recording There are 22 pieces) and listen to this, you get the healing and purification, to learn even healing become I am. Detailed it is, click here .
* Two energy activations (equivalent to $ 222)
* Program of infinite affluence: Gold member, 3 months free participation (equivalent to $ 360)

Total benefits: Equivalent to $ 2870.

Think of coaching as an investment in yourself to change your life.

Remittance will be made in dollars by bank transfer after the application is officially completed. We will inform you of the transfer destination of the bank transfer by e-mail. Your information: Name (furigana), family structure, address, email address, Skype name, brief information about yourself, work, health,reasons for coaching, what you want to get from coaching, goals you want to achieve. If you have any spiritual things or healings you have learned during this time, please write them down.

We look forward to working with you

on coaching to help you awaken to your true self and lead the life you desire !

If you apply for coaching, you will be asked to complete the session until all the times are completed . Please note that in principle, no refunds will be given. If you pay in installments, you will be required to complete all charges until the end, so please check that. Thank you!

Experiences of those who received coaching:

Thank you for your support for three months.

First of all, I'm glad that all the wishes I wanted to be by the end of the coaching period came true. Chiwa-san did not always give me the answer, but guided me to find the answer myself. Thank you for trusting me to be able to do that. Now that everything is over, what I feel is It means that I can believe in myself. From now on, no matter what kind of hesitation, worries, or experiences that seem to be a challenge in my life, I sincerely believe that if I connect with my higher self, I will be able to overcome anything and live. I feel that a new world is expanding in front of me. I am excited about what kind of development it will be. From Mr. M *** Hello, Mr. Chiwa. Thanks to you, I 'm really calm, and I 'm living a calm life that is incomparable to when I started taking Chiwa-san's session . Thank you! -From Mr. W ******** "It was the first time for me to have such a deep and wide healing and purification. I'm glad I didn't give up . I'm glad I had a life. I'm grateful and love. With all. "-Mr. SSkype name, brief information about yourself, work, health,reasons for coaching, what you want to get from coaching, goals you want to achieve. If you have any spiritual things or healings you have learned during this time, please write them down.

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