Released from Amazon!

"Listen to the whispers of angels. The message of 444 angels that open your heart"

This book will help you connect with the angels . And at any time, you can get guidance from an angel by turning the pages of the book . Click here if you would like to order this book and receive benefits. Thank you!

Higher self-alignment system!

If, you, holy yourself to be present in higher dimensions,

and the Higher Self, lead better, all of the life in, directed, supported, if have confidence to play the purpose of the soul, how much, the rest of my life Will it change?

Imagine for a moment. The Higher Self alignment system, it, will support.

This program is a program in which you are more conscious, connected and supported in all aspects of your higher self . It was created according to your higher self guidance to make your ascension process and awakening of consciousness easier . This work strengthens your connection and helps you awaken to yourself as your higher self .

Your higher self is telling you. You are ready.

Now is the time! Take the courage to jump into the unknown.” Click here for more information on your higher self-alignment and to sign up .

Oneness Awareness Activation

We have Oneness Activation once a month to help you awaken your Oneness Awareness

11 If you would like a minute, please click here to register. Thank you! (Once you register, you don’t have to do it again.) May your consciousness rise steadily!

Thank you for your support with your higher self and the angels .

Angel's love and light!

We will email you a message from the angel, love, light and the blessing of the angel . Click here to register. Thank you!

YouTube channel

Every month, we share videos that will support you. Angels , masters, and light beings will help you to raise your vibrations and consciousness , such as messages from angels, healing support, and energy tools You will receive energy and power.


my experience was that, what I learned, I realized was that, like, to be a lot of, your support we share. Please read by all means.

Released from Amazon!

It's a book that gives you love and power,

"If you follow the heavenly plan, it will all work for some reason ." It will help you to awaken to your true self and to your soul's purpose. Please read it by all means. we thank you for your support.

This book is an energy book

so you can get love and light just by holding it in your hand or staying at home without reading it. The blessings of heaven and angels will also come. Please use it as energy. * Another volume: “Living with the Light” Kindle Edition, released by Amazon! Click here to place an order. A collection of essays that you can enjoy very much. The author shares what he has learned, what he has learned, and the message from heaven in the stories he has experienced in his daily life. For those who read this book, the vibration of love and light will come and the heart will open.

Group coaching

Group coaching to support the freedom and awakening of female light workers ! New I AM (I AM)

Every month, through webins, we work live with the group of people for energy, raise the vibrations, awaken to our true self, and support our dreams to come true. I am. Click here for more information and to apply. Please join us. While having fun together

About One-on-One Coaching

About One-on-One Coaching

About One-on-One Coaching: Click here to help you reach your goals and live the life you want. And help you wake up to your true self and trust yourself. We will give you energy and support while you are coaching . It's time to change your life. Please contact me when you are ready.

Self-mastery courses and other classes

You can listen to the recordings and learn at your own pace,

just as you do energy work , heal yourself, and raise your vibrations . It opens up intuition, helps you to understand more energy, and helps you to awaken your consciousness.

Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Records Reading Open the record of your soul

and send the guidance and messages you need .The light itself heals beyond time, space, and dimension . For more information.

Energy Work

We will support energy purification and healing to raise your vibration and consciousness

We will work on the energy you need such as aura, chakra, past life , inner child, etc.

Sacred Activation

By receiving a sacred activation

you willcause a specific vibration in you, which will lead to that vibration and power. It will help you raise your vibrations and consciousness to a higher level

Sacred Geometry Tool

Heart Companion Pendant & Eye Connect

The Heart Companion Pendant will help you open your heart and awaken to a sense of love. It raises vibration and consciousness The jewels that balance the chakras support each chakra in balance. Detailed it is

This sale! (English)

"LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS OF ANGELS 444 Angel Messages to Awaken Your Heart"

Published by Balboa Press We have compiled 444 messages from angels who encourage you and open your heart. Open this book anytime, anywhere and you'll get the perfect angel message for you! You will also receive the blessing of an angel and healing. If you can read English, please read it!

"The Change: Book 2" (Change: Volume 2)

Jim Britt & Jim Lutes This is a book published with other co-authors

The title is Change, which gives you courage and change both internally and in your life. (English) If you would like to place an order, please email us. If you are in the United States, you can mail it immediately.

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