As an angel messenger

I have shared the message of angels and heaven with many people for many years.

There is inspiration and perspective of ability , a lot of people, for the awakening of healing and consciousness, work and of leading and energy, through the class, as the past 30 years, has supported a lot of people. Also, as a spiritual coach , I am still working to

I am still working to

I am still working to awaken to the talents and gifts of heaven that people have born and to lead the life they want. My purpose is to help people awaken to their true self, connect with their souls and higher self , enjoy life, and fulfill the purpose that heaven has given them

I was born and raised in Koshiki Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, but came to the United States in search of freedom . In order to awaken to my true self, I have experienced various things in my life, and I have lived in my own way , experiencing things that people do not experience and miraculous things . I am grateful that I am now able to live this way thanks to the beings of God, the angels, the beings of light, and also to my family.

I had to heal and deeply purify myself in order to awaken to my true self. In order to do that, we will continue to learn various healing and spiritual things, and by making use of what we have learned, we will teach many people classes and sessions to support healing and awakening of consciousness. I've been doing it. I am grateful that the heavens, the beings of God, the angels, and the beings of light will do everything through me

Thanks to that

Many people have awakened and their lives have changed, and they have come to live according to the purpose of their souls.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My purpose is to support many to awaken to their true ego and truth and to live freely at all levels . In particular, one of my goals is to help women to be free and live freely . I hope that delicate children who love children, especially awakened children , will be able to support more and more in the future so that they can live happily and peacefully

On this earth while fulfilling their soul's purpose

increase. I am also an entrepreneur , and I hope that people all over the world can contribute to living affluently, freely and happily , both financially and in all respects . .. I studied theater at university. I like music, dance and performance, and listening to music, singing and dancing myself makes my soul happy. I love nature. Just being in nature makes you feel like you are with a sacred being. Your heart will be peaceful. I am currently in Colorado, so I am grateful for the magnificent mountains. I also love the sea. Growing up near the sea in Japan, the sea is my heart's home. I also love all animals.

I am grateful to be living on earth this way now.

And I am grateful to have been allowed to do the work of light.

I am grateful that I have been guided and supported by God, angels, light beings, and ascended masters. I am grateful to my family, children, friends, and you for reading this . Thank you! Love, light and gratitude!


So far, I have learned a lot from many seminars and workshops. We will continue to learn for the rest of our lives, share what we have learned, and support many people

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